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The Uncertainty Principle
by Bonnie Moret
Bonnie Moret has been published by the Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy at Methodist Hospital in New Orleans, and appears in in The Obvious Expert by Elsom Eldridge, Jr. Her seminars have been featured at Marietta City Schools, The Knowledge Shop, Borders Books and Greater Atlanta Hadassah Health Professionals Council.

Quantum physicist Werner Heisenberg is famous for the Uncertainty Principle. Heisenberg believed that reality is what can be observed. If there are different observations, there must be different realities, which depend on the observer. In stating such, he can be regarded as an advocate of philosophical idealism - objects of perception are identical with the ideas we have about them.

The idealist view denies that any particular thing has an independent essence. This is a far cry from Einstein’s Relativity Theory. Einstein believed in a reality independent of what we can observe, which is in essence the view of realism.

Two great scientists and two completely different observations, yet, both are equally significant. There is reality and there is our view of reality based on our emotional state of mind at any given time. As impartial as we think we are, our emotions and attitude play a significant role in how we view life and our outcome.

On the positive side, if we change our attitude, we can change the outcome of any given situation for the better. Antagonistic points of view, based on judgment, not fact has the adverse effect.

Paul Haggis gives us an excellent illustration of this in his 2004 film, "Crash". The trailer states, “Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other. Live your life at the point of impact.” If you haven’t seen the film, please do so, as it will be a life changing experience.

As in physics, so in life…never underestimate the impact you have on any situation.

Published: Jul 14,2008 19:08
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