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The Story Fairy - The Big Brown Bear Who Couldn't Sleep
by Paula Ezop
TheSyndicatedNews columnist

Paula M. Ezop writes a weekly spiritual/commentary column for Blue Ridge Today, a South Carolina publication. Her most recent book, Spirituality for Mommies is soon to be released.

The Story Fairy

Why just the other day the story fairy came my way and she whispered a story in my ear. She truly did…a wonderful story just for you…it is all about the big brown bear that couldn't sleep.

Once upon a time there was a big brown bear that just couldn't sleep. He tried everything. His mother made him a pair of warm plaid flannel pajamas with a matching cap for his head… that didn’t help. He had the softest fluffiest pillow and the warmest feather down quilt for his big bed…that didn’t help.

He tried drinking a big glass of warm milk…that didn't work. He tried drinking a hot steaming cup of chamomile tea…that didn't work. He counted sheep, he counted honey-pots, he counted jam jars and he counted big bowls of luscious berries…that didn't work. He tried reading his favorite book thinking that would make him sleepy…that didn't work. No, nothing seemed to work.

For as long as any bear could remember all the bears throughout the forest settled down for a long nap. The big brown bear was beginning to get worried. He didn't want to be different. He didn't want to be the only bear awake in the forest.

One by one the big brown bear's friends were drifting off to sleep. Soon there was no one left for him to play with; they were all sound asleep. Each night the big brown bear tried so hard to fall asleep and every night he was wide-awake. His family tried to stay awake with him but one by one they too drifted into their long sleep. The big brown bear lay in bed that night still unable to fall asleep. He tried sleeping on his tummy, he tried sleeping on his back, and he tried curling up in a ball…that didn't work. No nothing seemed to work.

When it was morning the big brown decided go for a walk in the forest. “Fresh air, exercise, and some food is just what I need to make me sleepy," said the big brown bear. "I will head over to the honey tree and help myself to some yummy honey." When he got to the honey tree to his disappointment there wasn't any honey. In fact there weren't even any bees to chase. "I really didn't have a taste for honey," said the big brown bear. "What I really want is some big fresh fish.” When he got close to the river he took off his warm boots, his warm coat, his warm hat, his warm scarf and warm mittens and dove into the water. To his surprise the river was frozen and the big brown bear slid across the ice and landed smack into a tree on the other side of the river. He had never seen the river like this before. Shaking his head he said, "No fish for dinner I guess. What will I eat?" "I know berries! I love berries! I'll walk down to the wild raspberry patch and pick some berries for my dinner." But when he got to the wild raspberry patch there wasn't one berry to be found.
He was so hungry. He sat down and cried. The forest queen heard his loud sobs and magically appeared before the big brown bear. She had long golden hair and her forest green gown was covered with precious jewels that sparkled like the morning dew. She whispered in his ear, "Mr. Bear why are you crying?" The big brown bear answered, "I'm crying because I'm so very hungry and there is nothing to eat. I'm crying because every bear in the forest is fast asleep and I can't fall asleep. I've tried everything I could think of but nothing works. I just can't sleep," said the bear. And the big brown bear cried even harder.

The forest queen waved her magic wand and said the magic words, "hocus-pocus." Beautiful sparkling green dust flew everywhere and magically there in the middle of the forest appeared a table filled with honey cakes, platters of fish, and bowls of berries covered with thick white cream. The big brown bear sat down at the magnificent table and ate, and ate until he was full. "Now we must get you back to your warm cozy den so that you can settle in for your long nap with the rest of your bear family." The forest queen waved her magic wand once again and said the magic words, "hocus-pocus." Beautiful sparkling green dust flew everywhere and the big brown bear and the forest queen were magically transported back to the cozy den.

The big brown bear put on his warm plaid flannel pajamas and matching cap; the forest queen fixed a wonderful plate of warm chocolate chip cookies as well as a big glass of warm milk. She turned down his soft down comforter and fluffed his soft pillow for him. The big brown bear crawled into bed. He ate the wonderful cookies and drank the luscious warm milk. The forest queen waved her magic wand one more time and said the magic words once again, "hocus-pocus, minnie-ocus, sleep!" Beautiful sparkling green dust flew everywhere and at last the big brown bear fell fast asleep. In a matter of seconds he was snoring loudly.

What a sight they all were in their warm plaid flannel pajamas with matching caps that Mother bear had made. You could barely see them tucked in their big soft comfortable beds covered with their warm feather down quilts. The cozy den was filled with the sound of snoring bears. The forest queen took one last look at the sleeping bears and slowly closed the door behind her. Her job was done. Peace once more filled the forest and the big brown bear that couldn't sleep was finally sound asleep...

The End

Published: Jul 17,2008 09:50
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