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The Story Fairy -The Adventure Of Patrick The Pink Polar Bear And The Missing Ice Princess
by Paula Ezop
TheSyndicatedNews columnist

Paula M. Ezop writes a weekly spiritual/commentary column for Blue Ridge Today, a South Carolina publication. Her most recent book, Spirituality for Mommies is soon to be released.

The Story Fairy

Why just the other day the story fairy came my way and she whispered a story in my ear. She truly did…a wonderful story just for you…it is all about the adventure of Patrick the pink polar bear and the missing Ice Princess.

Patrick the pink polar bear lives in a little village at the top of the world. Patrick was born the same year that the beautiful Ice Princess disappeared into the enchanted ice cave. Many strange things happened that year; perhaps that explains why Patrick was born with light pink fur instead of white.

There is one thing you have to understand about Patrick and that is Patrick has a vivid imagination. He imagines himself having all sorts of adventures like being able to fly and visiting the man on the moon, or being a sea captain and saving a beautiful maiden from the jaws of a whale, he even imagines himself being a knight in shining armor and slaying a dragon. His favorite adventure though is when he finds and rescues the beautiful Ice Princess from the enchanted ice cave.

In his dreams he is always a hero and everyone wants to be his friend. However, in real life he is Patrick the pink polar bear. All the other polar bears just love teasing Patrick. He is the only polar bear with light pink fluffy fur and the only polar bear that plays the violin.

Everyday Patrick goes down to Ocean Park to practice his violin. But, today he decided that the perfect place to practice his violin would be the enchanted ice cave; it would be a great adventure and he might even rescue the Ice Princess. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to go there but his music would sound lovely there and he just couldn’t resist the possibility of a real adventure!

Patrick found the enchanted cave and peered in. It was beautiful; the sunlight streamed in through a small opening at the top of the cave. Patrick didn’t think twice. He entered the beautiful cave. The moment he did he noticed that there was an eerie presence in the cave. Something was wrong here, something that he couldn't see, it was something that he could feel. This eerie feeling gave Patrick the goose bumps and his light pink fluffy fur stood straight up. "Oh, Patrick you are just imagining things. A place this beautiful just couldn't be bad," he said out loud to assure himself. "Don't be afraid. Find a place to sit, take out your violin, be a big polar bear and start playing," he said out loud.

So that’s just what Patrick the pink polar bear did. He found the perfect spot to sit and took out his violin. By now not only did he have goose bumps but he was also beginning to shake. "Patrick, don't be a baby. You are letting your imagination get the best of you," he said to himself. He began playing his violin. The beautiful music echoed softly throughout the cave. "This is a magical place," he thought. He played as he had never played before. He played music that he had never heard nor played before. The music came from deep inside his heart. Patrick was so involved in playing his violin he didn't notice that someone else was in the ice cave with him. Suddenly she spoke to him in a soft beautiful voice, "Hello, I am the Ice Princess." Patrick taken by surprise slipped from where he had been sitting and rolled and tumbled until he landed right in front of the Ice Princess. She was beautiful. Her long hair sparkled as if sprinkled with diamonds. She wore a beautiful white gown encrusted with pearls. Her blue eyes sparkled, her skin was as white as the snow, and her cheeks were rosy red. Her voice was gentle and kind. "Are you alright my dear?" she asked. Patrick blinked his eyes thinking this must be another one of his dreams. "Whhhh, whhhh, why yes thank you I am fine. Mmmmm, mmmmmmm, my name is Patrick."

"Please don't stop playing Patrick. You must finish your song and end the spell,” said the Ice Princess. Patrick continued to play. The Ice Princess danced. Patrick played and played not taking his eyes off of the Ice Princess once.

“Patrick, your music and your bravery have broken the spell of the enchanted ice cave. You are a hero. I have been held captive in this ice cave for years but now I have been released and it is all due to you Patrick. Kindness and goodness once more fill this beautiful place," said the Ice Princess. "I am a hero," he thought to himself. Yes, finally Patrick was a hero just like in his dreams. "Now Patrick please escort me to the village,” said the Princess. As they entered the village no one could believe their eyes. The Princess told everyone what Patrick had done. He was a hero. A great celebration was held down at Ocean Park the following day in honor of Patrick and the return of the Princess. All the polar bears came; and not once did anyone tease Patrick the pink polar bear…a pink polar bear who played the violin and who had saved a Princess…a pink polar bear who was a hero…and they all wanted to be his friend…

The End

Published: Jul 17,2008 09:36
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