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The Story Fairy - Stocking Feet Are Cool!
by Paula Ezop
TheSyndicatedNews columnist

Paula M. Ezop writes a weekly spiritual/commentary column for Blue Ridge Today, a South Carolina publication. Her most recent book, Spirituality for Mommies is soon to be released.

The Story Fairy

Why just the other day the story fairy came my way and she whispered a story in my ear. She truly did…a wonderful story just for you…it is all about how stocking feet are cool!

“Li, hurry or we will miss the bus. You don’t want to be late for your first day of school do you?” shouted Li’s best friend Samantha. “I’m coming,” said Li softly. The bus stop was crowded and Li was very nervous. “Here sit next to me,” whispered Sam. “First time on school bus,” whispered Li. “How did you get to school in China?” asked Sam. “Walk,” said Li. “Walk very far.” Sam was thinking of how she would feel if she were Li, a new country, a new home, and a new family all at once. What would it be like growing up in an orphanage in China and then being adopted by the Patowski’s? She moved closer to Li so she wouldn’t feel so scared.

“Now remember what I told you; just do what I do and you will be fine,” said Sam. “And don’t worry, your English is really good, it is, really good,” she said reassuringly. “I do just what you do,” she said as she smiled at Sam. The bus pulled up to the front of the school and everyone got out except Li and Sam. Li couldn’t move. Sam couldn’t budge her. “Go Li, move or we will be late!” pleaded Sam. But she couldn’t get her to move. Li was so scared that she sat frozen in her seat. Finally the bus driver came over and gently took her arm and
told her, “Come on everything will be fine. I’ll see you after school and you can tell me all about your first day.” Li walked slowly up the front steps of the school; Sam was right in front of her. She wondered why Sam didn’t take off her shoes before going into the school like they did in China; maybe she just forgot. Li took her shoes off and left them at the entrance to the school.

Sam didn’t notice she just grabbed Li’s hand and said, “Come on now that wasn’t so bad was it? I’ll show you the way to our classroom. Remember Mrs. Bounds’ fourth grade class and down the hall they went.” Lots of kids were giggling. Sam didn’t know what was so funny until they began pointing at Li’s stocking feet. Sam looked at Li and whispered, “Oh Li.” Then she did what any best friend would do. She immediately took her shoes off and shoved them in her backpack. When everyone saw Sam in stocking feet they decided it was a cool thing to do and immediately took their shoes off and shoved them in their backpacks. Sam just told everyone that it was the latest fad in China and that if you wanted to be cool then you should be in your stocking feet. “Oh Sam,” whispered Mrs. Bounds, what a wonderful idea and she took off her shoes to be cool too! Li smiled and whispered to Sam, “United States feels like home now. Li not so scared. Li cool too!” And that was how Li’s first day in a new school, which was in a new country, began...

The End

Published: Jul 17,2008 09:46
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