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The Story Fairy - Kai And The Emperor's Dragon
by Paula Ezop
TheSyndicatedNews columnist

Paula M. Ezop writes a weekly spiritual/commentary column for Blue Ridge Today, a South Carolina publication. Her most recent book, Spirituality for Mommies is soon to be released.

The Story Fairy

Why just the other day the story fairy came my way and she whispered a story in my ear. She truly did…a wonderful story just for you…it is all about Kai and the Emperor’s Dragon.

In a small fishing village at the foot of the Royal Mountains there lives an old man and his grandson named Kai. Kai loves to listen to his Grandfather’s story about the Emperor’s Dragon who lives on Royal Mountain. Grandfather saw the dragon when he was a very little boy; but he still remembers it as if it were yesterday. What is amazing is that no one else in the small village by the mountain has ever seen the dragon. They don’t see the dragon because they don’t really believe that the dragon exists. Kai believes in the dragon and he believes his Grandfather’s story; so, every day he goes up into the mountain in search of the elusive Emperor’s dragon.

The young boy has tried everything he can think of to get the dragon to appear. He has brought him sweet candy, he has brought him a big fish, he sang to him, he danced for him, and most importantly he believed in him. One day he thought he saw the dragon but it was only the wind in the tall trees of the forest. Kai was very sad. He decided that he had to climb higher up in the mountain to find the dragon. So, the next day he climbed higher than he had ever gone before.

Kai loved the mountain; he loved the fresh air, the rocky cliffs, and the tall trees. That day Kai climbed higher and higher; he lost track of the time and soon it was very dark. He was cold, he was hungry, and he was afraid; he began to cry. Kai called out to the dragon. He told the dragon that he needed his help to get back to the village and that he believed in him. He told the dragon that he wanted to be his friend. Magically, the dragon appeared. Kai couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the most beautiful dragon that he had ever seen! In fact it was the only dragon that Kai had ever seen. The huge dragon smiled and lifted Kai up on to his back and together they flew down to the village.

All the people of the village were gathered together and they were getting ready to begin their search for Kai when he and the Emperor’s Dragon landed right in front of them. Kai and the Emperor’s Dragon had landed right on the path going from the small village to the mountain. His Grandfather was the first to see them. In fact, he was the only one to see them. He ran and hugged Kai and thanked the dragon. The people of the village laughed at the old man. They didn’t see the dragon - they didn’t believe. They thought that he was just an old man whose imagination had gotten the best of him. The villagers were happy that the boy was safe. They headed back to their homes whispering and wondering how in fact the boy had appeared out of nowhere; but they still didn’t believe that a dragon could have brought him back home.

Kai and his Grandfather waved good-bye to the dragon and the Emperor’s Dragon smiled, winked, and flew away. Kai and his Grandfather walked slowly back to the village together. As they walked they couldn’t help but wonder when or if they would see the Emperor’s Dragon again… Now Kai had a story that he could tell to his grandson…and maybe his grandson would be the next person to believe and see the elusive Emperor’s Dragon…

The End

Published: Jul 17,2008 09:25
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