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In Tune With Wynonna
by Sandra Siepak
More than 20 years of TV/Print experience covering news and entertainment. Coverage of celebrity interviews, feature films stage productions in Los Angeles, CA.

Country music fans will be happy to know the talented and ever inspiring Wynonna Judd is coming to a town near you and touring once again. Embarking on a nationwide tour, her one -woman show is not to be missed. At 47, this five-time Grammy award winning entertainer is true to her country roots sharing her rich powerful voice along with an honest engaging look at her career in her latest uplifting stage show upcoming performance.

“My shows are a little about telling stories as well as my music. Many of my stories reflect not only my 28 years in this business but much of my life along the way. These stories are what made me. I also have a few jokes about being a single parent too. Lately I’m very passionate about my music. I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve been to hell and back. I’ve seen the light and the dark, the pain and the pleasure. I share a lot with audiences. Now at my age I’m in a really good place. I can relax and enjoy the journey. I love the fans, the people are invigorating for me. I hope audiences feel rejuvenated after seeing my show. I enjoy every single performance on stage.”

Wynonna ‘s career began as one half of the legendary duo The Judds along with her mother Naomi Judd in the early ‘80’s. Rising to the top of country music charts and picking up multiple CMA, Grammy and ACM awards throughout the years The Judds professional and personal life also became well known to fans. Their ups and downs along the way have made them one of music’s most intriguing duos. Today, as a successful solo artist Wynonna has proven she is just as captivating. She has gone on to sell more than 10 million albums and more than 6 chart topping singles in country music including her latest, Love It Out Loud. Wynonna’s songs tend to reflect both her life experiences and deeply held beliefs, as well as a desire to connect with audiences.

“In my shows I show all sides of myself. There’s also a lot of humor too. I love to be inspirational to people. Faith plays a big part in my life. I tell my story and the songs fill in the gaps. Life is such a journey. Hopefully I can empower people through my music.”

Yet for all her success, onstage and off she is friendly, candid and still clings to good ol’ country values. Wynonna is down to earth talking about her multi-faceted career and her life at home as mom to her two teenagers, Elijah and Grace. Together they share their home on a 1,000 acre farm on a lake outside Nashville. When she’s not on stage her heart is happiest at home.

“Yes, I do love being at home. Since I travel so much on tour I love to just relax and rest which is a luxury for all working parents. I’m very practical. I don’t watch much TV but I love reading. I wear a lot of L.L. Bean at home, nothing fancy. I like to take long walks in the woods. I just enjoy the space, sky, water and the time to be with my kids and animals. “

Recently Wynonna and mother Naomi appeared in a docu-series for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) giving viewers a closer look into their lives on tour and at home. The series showed the duo in both difficult and loving moments captured on film.

“We took the challenge to do this together. It seemed to go effortlessly on paper planning it. But honestly it was hard being filmed at all times. We were on tour together at the time so it was tough. I love Oprah, but honestly I’m not so sure I would want to do it again. Nothing was off limits. I learned though that I’m not afraid to show the cracks in my armor.”

As a popular and well respected country music artist Wynonna believes in giving 100 percent onstage. She often does meet and greet events for her fans and is known for her philanthropy efforts and giving back. It is something she also teaches her children who have accompanied her on military tours to experience her efforts to help others.

“I’m big on volunteering. It’s important for kids to learn that early on. My kids understand and know that giving is important.”

The country singer/songwriter admits when touring and being away from home being a single parent can be a challenge especially with two teenagers in school and eager to explore their own interests.

“I have a lot of help from my fellow earth mothers who I rely on a great deal. My kids definitely have their own personalities. It’s too early to tell if they will follow in the family business. They see how hard it is to do what I do and the work it takes. My son is one who is very close to earth so to speak, my daughter who sings like a bird may want to follow but she sees how tough it is in this business. So we’ll see.”

One thing Wynonna is sure about these days is her relationship with musician Cactus Moser who is with the band Highway 101. The pair have known each other for more than 25 years and have remained friends throughout. Recently, Wynonna announced the two had become engaged at Christmas and will marry in the fall at her ranch home in Tennessee. “It will be something simple and sweet. A barefoot and just fun ceremony. I’m living proof that there’s hope.”

Wynonna, a remarkable talent with a great heart to match, is ready for the road once again. As she embarks on tour she hopes her fans will come out to enjoy not only her music but also the chance to know the dynamic and gutsy country star behind it too.

“I think what people like about me is I’m alive. I’m an example of real life which is unpredictable. I’m facing my fears and I have a good sense of who I am and where I’m going. I feel very blessed and I have to say it’s been an incredible ride.”

Published: Mar 11,2012 16:29
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