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Get Ready - Get Set - Transform
by Michael Hauser

The wave of every New Year brings with it an attitude of I can do anything. These declarations of a brand new you ring high and wide, among many, across dinner parties, family rooms, bars, and bedrooms. The wave of resolve is so thick no one can lose.

Then comes the hangover. Not so much from the high ride of resolutions made a few hours ago bridging the old into the New Year, but from the unrealized remembered false promises and broken resolutions of past years. The onslaught of past resolutions never met and the residue left behind of these unfilled commitments can take their toll year after year.

How many times have you made promises to yourself to begin looking for a new job, to stop using drugs, to forgive an enemy, refrain from unsafe sex, save more money, and to lose weight? It’s a good thing to know that there’s some behavior, some thinking that no longer serves you and that you declare to change it, but you have to go deeper in order for transformation to take place. The behavior or whatever it is your trying to leave behind is an invitation to take a look at what is not working in your life. There’s a need or desire within you that seeks expression, giving in to the transformation process begins with excavating the debris that holds you back from living the life you want.

For myself, many New Year’s resolutions centered around not having anonymous sex. Every New Year I’d begin an inventory on the passing year and count how many times I had sex—if it was lower than the previous year, that was a good year. But in truth it was devastating. Regardless of how many times I resolved not to do something, another 364 days would pass and I’d remember another disappointing year of intention setting. Years of intention setting, and getting nowhere led me to seek a better way to expand into a new life and produce guaranteed results.

If you’re seeking to be transformed this time next year, begin now and every day to surrender your plan for God’s will, to break free from your own personal law.

If you’ve been experiencing chronic complaining about any area of your life then you’re operating according to a personal law that has complete jurisdiction over you. The law that you’re operating within needs to be broken and consciously replaced with Spiritual Laws.
Spiritual laws are statements of truth based on qualities of God. For example, love is God and love knows no opposites. When we consciously act from them and as them, we begin to see the strongholds of our past dissolve. We have the ability to consciously regenerate our lives by changing our thinking by breaking our personal laws of fear, worry, and lack, and taking on spiritual laws of love, abundance, and prosperity. Our desires to live a life that fully expresses all aspects of ourselves will start organically manifesting when we adapt to the will of God by operating in accordance with spiritual laws.

The power of setting longstanding intentions is a very dynamic tool to create transformation in your life. Being clear on what you want to release and take on is a process of listening to the spirit to guide you in new ways that bring new experiences. Making resolutions and intentions is only the beginning of transformation. Because we ask for change we must be willing to change. You cannot expect to resolve an issue or behavior in your life and remain the same. Be totally available to new beginnings everyday. As you make a start to shed the debris of old ways, witness how new situations, people, and places will pave a new way for you to express your manifested desires.

If your intention is to lose weight and to be healthy, then you must take new actions towards the direction of your intentions. Your behavior, habits, and thoughts must shift to where you intend to be, do, and have. In other words, you’re not walking to the corner store purchasing a pack of Twinkies thinking about your intention to be healthier. Your mission is to keep your focus upon what you want so that it will be drawn to you and emerge from you.

Keeping your attention on the essence and quality you’re seeking to experience throughout the new year will unleash the splendor as you begin to say yes to something you have not said yes to before: God, Spirit, Creative Intelligence. Our work is to accept the healing now, to project ourselves into the New Year, seeing the result of our answered prayer done.

Catching this vibration, we bring the feeling tone of answered prayer back to where we stand now, and let it fuel our walk towards the future of our manifested desires in the new year and beyond. We are supported by and surrounded by spiritual principles and laws that can have a divine impact in our lives when we adhere to the rules of this spiritual government. Paying attention to your resolutions/intention throughout the year will guarantee you a graceful transformation.

Published: Jan 7,2009 14:11
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