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Facing Goliath? Remember Who You Are!
by Tamara Bernal
Tamara Bernal has written for various Child Care Resource and Referral newsletters, Helium, blogs on MySpace and for Internet subscribers to my Seeds for the Harvest email list.

Are you facing Goliath today? I am!
In case you don’t know; According to 1 Samuel 17 in the Word of God; Goliath was a big, ugly loudmouth warrior of the Philistine army in the year 1025 B.C. Israel and the Philistines were at war. Saul was the king of Israel at this time. (God called the Israelites his Chosen people) He and his army were preparing for battle when the Philistines sent Goliath forth to set the terms of battle. Goliath shouted a taunt across the battlefield to the Israelites saying “I am the Champion of the Philistines” and that the only fight would be between him and a chosen warrior from Israel.

This took the Israelites by surprise and they became very afraid. Goliath was 9 feet tall; there was not a soldier in Israel big enough, bold enough or brave enough to stand up to Goliath. The Israelites had a lot to lose because if they lost this battle they would become the slaves of the Philistines. They would lose homes, families, freedom and lives. Everything!

Fear gripped Saul and his men. For the next forty days Goliath taunted and tormented the Israelites from morning to night. He shouted to them of their inadequacy and powerlessness. He boasted to them of his strength and skill, he bragged about all of the horrible things he would do to anyone who would dare to challenge him. (Sound familiar?) He must have been pretty convincing because they allowed him to do this for forty days while they hid in their tents. They forgot who they were.

Meanwhile, young David was in and out of the mix. He was back and forth between tending his father’s sheep and bringing supplies to his brothers and the other soldiers. During his time in the camp he could hear the giant spewing his hatred and the soldiers fretting. (It’s probably a good thing he wasn’t there the whole time he may have been discouraged by the doubting and fearing and shouting.)

David was able to think clearly. He knew who he was. Outraged by the lies of the giant, David began asking questions. Goliath was bugging him! “What will a man get for killing this Philistine and ending this defiance?” “Who is this pagan Philistine anyways that he is allowed to defy the armies of the living God?”
David was asking his “government” who does this guy think he is?” “Doesn’t he know who we are?”

Of course he doesn’t know who we are! We don’t know who we are! We are too busy hiding in the tent trying to figure out how to save our own behinds!

David did not forget who he was! David referred back to the last praise report in his memorized prayer journal and recalled his last victory over an enemy. He remembered how the Lord helped him to defeat the Lion and the bear. If God was with me then, he is with me now! David, small, young David stepped out in faith and said YES God!

King Saul was just desperate enough to take him up on his offer. Saul said to David “may the Lord be with you” but I wonder if he meant “good luck dude nice knowing you.” Saul tried to give him a suit of armor but it hindered him from doing the will of God. Saul had human solutions but God had better things in mind!

When he entered the battlefield, the giant laughed and sneered, his king doubted him and his very own brothers questioned his motives. But David was not affected, he had a mission to accomplish; he was going to silence the enemy of the children of God.

Goliath had sophisticated weapons and armor. David had only a slingshot and some small stones in a shepherd’s bag. But he had an advantage, he knew some One that Goliath knew nothing about.

David was facing an impossible situation. But he remembered that nothing is impossible with God. He remembered that no weapon formed against him shall prosper! He remembered who he was! He remembered he was not alone! He remembered the Lord who rescued him from the claws of the lion and bear. He remembered that God doesn’t assess our situation according to our strength and ability but he assesses it according to his strength and ability. David remembered who he was! A child of the Most High God!

What’s so special about David? How can he be so strong and faithful? He’s not!!! He simply remembered and believed God. He took God at his word. He believed God would never leave him or forsake him. Believing this he slew the giant and cut off his head.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. So if you are facing a Goliath; financial, marital, health, legal, spiritual, with your child or whatever the kind and whatever the size; you have only one thing to do.

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, WHO GOD IS AND SILENCE THAT GIANT BY FAITH! Believe the truth that you can do (face, deal with, and conquer) all things through Christ who strengthens you. Phil 4:13.

Be encouraged my brothers and sisters. We Win!

Published: Aug 30,2008 09:26
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