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Breaux Vineyards Of Loudon County
by Fred Marmorstein
TheSyndicatedNews columnist

Fred Marmorstein was a teacher for 17 years and is now freelancing full-time with numerous writing credits on websites, such as Both non-fiction and ficiton pieces published ranging from topics as diverse as autism to oral cancer.

The Blue Ridge Mountains stand fervently in the distance and provide a majestic backdrop for winery Breaux Vineyards. Only an hour from D.C.’s metropolis and nine miles from historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, sharing a bottle of wine with friends at this winery in the Northern Virginia countryside enhances the feeling of “getting away from it all.”

Loudon County continues to offer first class quality wines and Breaux is no exception. Their wines consistently medal and receive “Best Of” status. A white wine enthusiast will find Chardonnay and Viognier which brighten the palate with pineapple, honey and pear. And, if you have a penchant for iced, desert style wine, the Alexis fulfills the need for wonderful relief on a steamy summer’s evening.

In addition to the radiance of whites, the red wines bloom with a crimson buoyancy. The Merlot’s rich smoky plum flavors embellish the natural beauty of the grape vines marking Short Hill Mountain and the surrounding hills.

The vineyard’s Nebbiolo also furnishes an earthy quality. Its sensitivity to Virginia’s geography can lead to difficulties in tannin and acidity, as well as flavor. Even though the nebbiolo grape can be a problem for some vintners, Dave Collins, Breaux’s resident winemaker, beautifully identifies the wine’s complexity.

The best time to savor all that Breaux offers happens during one of the many festivals held throughout the year. All the wines can be enjoyed on the patio or the grassy fields surrounding the winery.

Families bring blankets and kids stuffed with energy for one fun-filled event in late spring. Breaux celebrates wine and captivates the public with wine tasting, hay rides, and live bands. Kids adore activities like face painting and coloring contests. A tent and plenty of tables lets people dance and savor the music while sipping their favorite vintage.

In June, the Cajun Festival resonates through the valley with a loud whoop! Souvenir lobster necklaces adorn the necks of bayou lovers. Hayrides, live music and authentic Cajun fare including jambalaya and gumbo make the event special. You can even bring your pet provided it’s leashed.

The Harvest Festival in September allows everyone one more opportunity to enjoy the best of what Breaux has to offer. One of the final events of the year, feast on lobsters but only if you order ahead and reserve one. Meander around the property or dance a two step to the lively music under the tent. They always cater to a variety of tastes with hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, and grilled chicken.

When entering the vineyard, there is a $15.00 fee for wine tasting. Wear your colored wrist band when you approach the wine tasting tent. Several wines are presented, and an informed wine tutor conducts a progressive tasting from dry white to sweet white to reds and, finally, the sweet desert wine.

Breaux Vineyards is just one of twelve wineries in Loudon County. If you have time, you can even make a brief stop in Leesburg and stroll into the many antique shops that fill King and Market Streets. But don’t leave this wonderful part of northwestern Virginia without stopping at Breaux. This unforgettable view and a glass of wine satisfy immeasurably.

Published: Jul 16,2008 08:39
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