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Be A Spritual Warrior
by Michael Hauser

During today’s earthly changes and the appearances of economic challenges AND stagnation, it almost seems like the world is going to hell in the proverbial hand basket. But what lines the hand basket is the key to moving from hell to heaven. The lining is woven with questions ranging from the profound, to the mundane: What is my purpose? Why am I here? Will I find love? Will I succeed? Will I ever be able to forgive? Sometimes the answers are easy to tap into, and other times, not so much.

However, we can rest in knowing that with every question we pose, there is an awakening that will lead us directly to the answers if we’re courageous enough to listen. These solutions are not coming from your friends, employees, lovers, neighbors, and family members—they’re coming from within your being, your consciousness.

Answers to our challenges in life come directly from a divine place that is always active, 24/7—God. When we’re ready to participate in decisions that move humanity forward, our present day life will shape shift and the landscape of our life will transform. You may be called to leave your workplace, or to move across the country, or to enroll in a class, your friends will change, and you’ll stop hanging out at the same places. All of this is the ripple effect of answered prayer.

Reading the headlines and listening to the news is one sure way of placing your hand in the basket of hell and putting your mind into a tailspin of worrying. Highlighting the daily onslaught of local and worldly events, from interest rates rising, to political concerns, disease on the rise, employment rising or falling and the casualties of war, will certainly promote the life of a worrier. Lay off the news and put down the paper for a while—you won’t miss out on anything.

One way to fade out worrying and to get out of hell is to take on the cloak of being a warrior of truth. When we can move away from the technology of our lives and tune into and get in touch with the divine current of life, we’ll carry a frequency that vibrates guidance, love, prosperity, answers, joy, companionship, and every other human dynamic that is needed for our growth. This dynamic of taking on another perspective is called living life as a spiritual warrior.

When we live our life as spiritual warriors we can shine our light of understanding on all of our apparent challenges and in the light of this awareness, they begin to transform as a result of our choosing to renew ourselves through the practice of spiritual right seeing. With the conscious choice to be a spiritual warrior, our life can begin to transform right now before our very eyes.

Seeing beyond appearances is one very effective way of transforming your experiences in life. Not only does it ease the troubled mind, it’s vibration lifts your spirit to a place that knows this truth all ready, and in this knowingness, miracles take place. It’s a path that is straight and narrow, and the few that do walk it are examples of joy, peace of mind, and love.

In this age of spiritual awakening we must take the leap into the unknown chartered waters of our life and flow with the gifts that are granted to us. Gifts of life, love, and joy. Life is one of the most valuable gifts we have been given. We are packed with inexhaustible resources that are needed now on the planet.

It is this gift that we take for granted. We are so busy complaining, worrying, and numbing ourselves out, we forget to stop and truly count our blessings. We must wake in the morning with a song of gratitude in our hearts for our lives and for the lives we encompass.

We are here for a reason. We have talents to share, we have skills to be used, and we have a purpose. It is time to let go of past hurts, present worries, and the unpredictable future, and to begin unabashedly living our lives in the present moment, with enthusiasm, peace, and joy!
The world awaits our performance—we’ve been backstage much too long. We know our lines, we’ve been dress rehearsing a great deal, and we must now go forth on faith. The only way one can transcend to the level of a spiritual warrior is by having faith in life. Yes, spiritual warriors have bills, have life challenges, have relationship difficulties, but they are not defined by these challenges, they embrace them and respond to them with love, not fear. A spiritual warrior carries the consciousness that life is truly good.

Let us choose to be spiritual warriors, let us choose to take the high road into the unpredictable future. Let us be the individuals we dream to be, let us be spiritual warriors so that our true selves can heal the wounded, love the unkind, and produce peace in our world, every day of our lives.

Published: Jan 7,2009 14:11
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