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A Fowl Infidelity
by Leon Baxter
TheSyndicatedNews columnist

Every year I fancy myself a Turkey-Virgin, and every year I fail to stay committed to my pledge. After the holidays I try to refrain from indulging in a turkey feast until Thanksgiving. Sure, I’ll have some mashed potatoes with my KFC, corn on the cob at a summer BBQ, an apple pie at Mom’s and maybe even a few slices of turkey on my sandwich at lunch. But, these guys really aren’t supposed to come together on my plate until the fourth Thursday of November. There, they’ll meet the likes of cranberry sauce, green beans, stuffing, biscuits and a big glass of eggnog to wash them all down.

But, there’s only so much temptation a man can take. For some reason, every holiday season the days preceding Thanksgiving, everyone under the sun wants to have a feast of their own. And, that I can understand, giving thanks to friends and coworkers for the time spent together during the year. But, why must we do it with a traditional Thanksgiving meal?

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving this year, my work put together a celebration meal for us: turkey, potatoes and gravy, bread, pumpkin pie, the works. I told myself this wouldn’t really count as a Thanksgiving meal if I just took a couple slices of the bird, ate just the cucumbers from the salad, and put the mashed potatoes from a separate plate. Technically, I’d retain my virginity. But, once I tasted the combination of autumn delights, I started sliding down a slippery slope I knew I would be my demise.

The next day Thanksgiving Eve, my daughter’s preschool held its annual family pilgrim-like smorgasbord. I’d already tasted the forbidden fruit the day before, so why not just indulge today? My plate overfloweth with stuffing and salad and green beans and a Henry the Eighth style turkey leg. Good-bye virginity. Hello tryptophan.

I write this on Thanksgiving morning, 2007. And, I am the epitome of shame. As I look at the naked bird soon to be put into the oven and the pots on the stove waiting to be filled with sweet potatoes and family-recipe stuffing, I can’t keep the images of yesterday’s meal off my mind. The smells, the memories all linger, no matter how hard I try to make them disappear. And, on my lips I can still taste yesterday’s gravy, the flavor of guilt.

I’ll eat tonight with my family, but I will not enjoy. And, I know that today I will not be the only man who has been unfaithful. There are others out there like me who, when served their Thanksgiving plate, and the family surrounding them are oohing and aahing, saying, “Doesn’t this look delicious, George?” are nodding, but secretly thinking, “But I just ate this yesterday. I can’t let them know.”

We blame no one but ourselves. We are not strong enough to make it to Thanksgiving each year… without help, help from you. For the sake of our annual “purity”, on behalf of all of the weak ones, I implore those of you planning to feast before Thanksgiving, from now on, preserve the sanctity of our family traditions and serve a non-traditional meal: moo-goo gai pan, mac and cheese with baby back ribs, enchiladas and tamales, a big box of Captain Crunch cereal.

Help us out so we can eat guilt-free on the fourth Thursday of every November for years to come. But, this year, I must once again don my faux, turkey-virgin veil and smile and pretend, once again, that it is my first time.


Leon Scott Baxter is a West Coast writer who lives with his wife and two daughters in California. To see more of his work, go to

Published: Oct 10,2008 17:42
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